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'Harmful sexual behaviour in young people & artificially generated companions'

For more than 35 years, Act for Kids has provided specialized interventions for child trauma, abuse and neglect. Over that time, the numbers of children and young people referred for peer on peer sexual assault and problematic behaviour online has increased significantly. Act for Kids Therapists use evidence-based models when working with children, young people, and their families to address these issues.

The types of interventions include assessment, psychoeducation - sexual development, online safety, healthy relationships, safety planning, and trauma focused therapies. Central to this presentation are tools such as AIM3 Assessment, Hackett’s Continuum of Behaviours for identification and response, which are demonstrated through real-world application and examples. The presentation emphasises importance of holistic treatment and systemic responses when addressing harmful or concerning sexual behaviour by young people.

The presentation will explore a de-identified case involving sexual behaviour online and contact HSB in real life. In this case, specifically the creation, and use of artificially generated sexual companions by children and young people.

Our detailed client example Illustrates adolescent use of the Mwah (Muah) platform* and the therapeutic journey addressing a range of complexities with this young person.
*Mwah platform launched in 2023 and is one of hundreds sexual AI chat bot services online.

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Director of Therapy Services - Act for Kids

Miranda Bain

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Thomas Rhodes

Clinical Service Manager - Act for Kids

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