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'Operation Pooh Bear - Defeating end-to-end encryption with honeypots'

Summary: Operation Pooh Bear is an HSI undercover investigation combining traditional online undercover activity with the deployment of specialized, custom-built, and Agency owned and operated software with the goal of identifying offenders on E2EE spaces. These spaces historically present significant difficulties regarding the identification of offenders. At time of submission, Operation Pooh Bear has identified the IPs of hundreds of offenders globally, with new offenders being identified weekly. This presentation would document the genesis of the operation, successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned about the deployment and development of technical solutions and how agencies can replicate the success.

Objectives of the Presentation
1. Illustrate via case study how the E2EE environment can be infiltrated and investigated through the combination of traditional online undercover techniques combined with custom technical solutions.
2. Provide attendees a roadmap to recreate the success of the operation or to partner with the existing Operation to target otherwise unidentifiable offenders in E2EE spaces.

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US Department of Homeland Security (HSI)

Austin Berrier

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Soleil Randall

US Department of Homeland Security (HSI)

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