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'Speed, Accuracy, Transformation: The Impact of AI on Criminal Investigation Processes '

The presentation will focus on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the analysis of investigation exhibits, including videos, audio recordings, interview records, witness statements, images, and other evidence. AI technology can significantly enhance the efficiency of reviewing such exhibits, transforming hours of laborious work into mere seconds. This advanced capability enables AI to identify and summarize key evidence concisely, map relevant evidence to offence elements required to prove an offence and automatically build briefs of evidence as an investigation progresses.

By automating the evidence review process, AI not only delivers substantial time savings but also ensures a high level of consistency and quality in the compilation of evidence briefs. This consistency is critical in maintaining the integrity of investigations and the judicial process. The adoption of AI in this context promises to increase the frontline capacity of police agencies, enabling them to respond more swiftly and complete investigations more efficiently than ever before.
The presentation will highlight real-world applications and case studies demonstrating how AI-driven analysis can streamline investigative workflows, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall effectiveness in law enforcement. Attendees will gain insights into the practical implementation of AI technologies and the transformative impact on modern investigative practices.

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Founder & CEO - Comtrac

Craig Doran

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