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'Lessons and Insights'

Lessons and insights form a crucial period in eSafety’s history as it continued its journey from a complaints-based investigator to the first regulator in the world with powers to mandate transparency and require minimum compliance measures from technology companies.

Since the Commissioner last addressed this conference eSafety has further exercised new regulatory powers and tools to encourage proactive and systemic change, including the implementation of mandatory industry codes addressing the proliferation of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSEM).

At the same time eSafety has continued to operate protection schemes and wide-ranging prevention and education programs, while driving the technology industry to embrace Safety by Design.

During this period, eSafety has issued further transparency notices to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Apple, X-Corp, Microsoft and Meta. The Commissioner will provide an updated case study summarising latest findings from these notices, which are forcing tech companies to lift the hood on what they are and are not doing to tackle child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA).

Over the past year, advances in Artificial Intelligence have marked a significant evolution in the capability of this technology. eSafety continued to harness the best available data and evidence to promote greater safety protections against misuse of AI and other online tools or platforms.

The Commissioner will highlight these insights and share ways the law enforcement community may continue working with eSafety to help target its powers effectively, reducing the online threat surface and preventing exploitation and abuse.

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eSafety Commissioner

Julie Inman Grant

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