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'A practical approach to child exploitation investigations involving cryptocurrency'

Objective: To present a practical approach for investigating child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in the cryptocurrency age, focusing on the collaboration between blockchain intelligence providers and law enforcement agencies.
Method: We outline a comprehensive methodology for identifying CSAM vendors operating on the dark web, social media, and secured applications. This involves tracing illicit blockchain transactions and generating actionable leads to bolster law enforcement efforts.
Results: Through a detailed case study, we demonstrate how TRM Labs specialized tools and techniques detect and track digital footprints associated with CSAM. These tools streamline the reporting process and facilitate faster, more effective disruption of these networks by law enforcement.
Conclusions: The synergy between advanced technology and robust investigative protocols exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to curbing CSAM proliferation. This collaboration between private sector and investigative bodies highlights practical solutions and collaborative strategies to combat child exploitation in the crypto era.
Key Learnings: Insights into the challenges and successes of combating child exploitation using cryptocurrency investigations, emphasising practical solutions and collaborative strategies for law enforcement and industry stakeholders.

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