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'State of the Issue: A multi-source exploration of the latest threats kids are confronting online'

Technology is unlocking new frontiers of exploration and connection. But it's also opening doors to new threats faster than we can keep up. This session will provide an overview of these evolving risks through the eyes of young people and those targeting them for abuse.

Drawing from Thorn’s new and ongoing research, which includes surveys with over 8,000 youth aged 9-17 since 2019, we'll delve into key risk areas within their online experiences, including interactions with online contacts, perceptions of grooming, and rates of online sexual encounters. Expert perspectives from academics, investigators, and analysis of dark web activities and CyberTipline reports will be integrated to highlight emerging threats like youth commercialization, AIG-CSAM, financial sextortion, and violent online self-harm groups. The information presented will offer attendees a clearer, youth-centered perspective on online child sexual exploitation and empower them to actively participate in collaborative approaches to combat its prevalence.

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Head of Research & Insights - Thorn

Melissa Stroebel

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