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Argos - Queensland Police Service

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is a multimedia analyst working within the Victim Identification Unit of ARGOS, a specialized Child Exploitation Task Force of the Queensland Police in Australia. His forensic and scientific knowledge makes him a unique member of Queensland’s international team of experts dedicated to the identification and geolocation of child exploitation victims around the globe in a proactive capacity. Prior to coming to Australia Mr. Anderson assisted in child exploitation investigations supporting efforts for both Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children task forces and Homeland Security’s Child Exploitation Investigations Unit (CEIU). Before working in Child Exploitation Mr. Anderson was part of a specialized group of forensic media experts supporting counter terrorism tasks force operations. Mr. Anderson holds a M.Sc. degree for digital media forensics from the University of Colorado’s National Center for Media Forensics as well as a B.Sc. degree for music industry technology


'Op Avalanche: Nightmare at Disney World'

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