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CEO - Spotlight

Kristin Boorse

Kristin serves as the CEO of Spotlight, a non-profit dedicated to leveraging technology against child sex trafficking. Leading a passionate team, she focuses on innovative solutions to swiftly identify and safeguard victims from exploitation.

Kristin is the co-chair of the INTERPOL DevOps working group, where she collaborates with dedicated professionals to develop scalable technological solutions empowering frontline responders worldwide. Kristin's leadership in this group underscores her commitment to collective action and her belief in the transformative power of collaboration.

Kristin was the Head of Victim Identification for 8 years at Thorn, where she adeptly utilized the latest technology as a force for good. She led the collaborative efforts between end-users and Thorn's internal team, delivering applications and data directly to investigators and NGOs, to identify children faster.


'Artificial Intelligence: the dark or bright side?'

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