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Forensic & Operational Psychologist

Dr Stacy Cecchet

Dr. Stacy Cecchet is a practicing operational and forensic psychologist, criminal profiler, and published author and lecturer, with more than 80 publications and presentations in her field of expertise. She is the forensic and operational psychologist for the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and a forensic psychologist and criminal profiler for the Cold Case Foundation.

Dr. Cecchet provides consultation and training internationally across all branches of law enforcement on her areas of specialization: child sexual abuse material; online victimization of children; child torture; sex trafficking; child sexual abuse; working with victims of sexual trauma; secondary and vicarious trauma; sex offender typologies; female sex offenders; sadistic sex offenders; interview strategies; land law enforcement peer support, wellness, and resiliency. She has more than 3500 hours of interview experience and has conducted a significant number of evaluations assessing psychosexual risk/sexual deviancy, trauma, psychopathology, risk for violent crime, psychopathy, child abuse, competency, and diminished capacity.

Dr. Cecchet works closely with local, state, federal, and international agencies to support both investigators and their investigations of child sexual abuse.


'Sadistically Motivated Pedophiles in Internet Crimes Against Children: Implications for Investigation, UC Chat, Interviews, and Risk Assessment'

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