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Rigr AI

Colm Gannon

Colm has over 20 years working in Law Enforcement. Now working with Rigr AI, a software development company that specialises in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Colm remains passionate in assisting LEA, NGO and Private Companies in online safety. Colm participates in training Law Enforcement relating to technology development, including Europol, CEPOL and other agencies.

Colm is active in the research arena and has co-published 4 peer reviewed publication relating to online child sexual exploitation. He is an Non-Executive member of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) – Australia. Currently,

Rigr AI is working with technology development for Assessing Risk Indicators for Child Abuse (ARICA project) and is active in providing software for child protection teams in Tech Industry, NGO and Government Sector. Rigr AI is also passionate in working with law makers to create AI software that is ethical, legal and operationally relevant to the multi-sector needs to protect children and young people.


'AI-Driven tools for Child Protection in Law Enforcement'

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