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Parent Cyber Safety Consultant 'Not My Kid'

Jen Hoey

As a Parent Cyber Safety Consultant and the founder of 'Not My Kid', I specialise in providing parents with resources and information aimed at protecting children from online dangers, advocating for reduced screen time, and preventing online child sexual exploitation.

I'm a mother of three, two in their early twenties, and a younger child in primary school. I have navigated some negative experiences with my older children online, the most challenging being my daughter’s exposure to a predator via an online game when she was 9.

This has given me a unique perspective on the challenges faced by children and parents in the digital age.

All this has contributed to my mission - to preserve childhood and keep all children safe from online child sexual exploitation by empowering their parents through education to combat this growing issue.

My primary focus and passion lie in fighting the epidemic of online child sexual exploitation.


'A Regular Story that Rarely Gets Told'

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