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US Department of Homeland Security (HSI)

Luke Holloway

Special Agent (SA) Luke A. Holloway is the Program Manager for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Arizona, where he establishes plans for the execution of unique, complex, and sensitive projects relating to the criminal investigative programs throughout HSI Arizona. Previously, from 2021-2023, SA Holloway served as the HSI Assistant Attaché to Australia, where he focused on the dismantling of Cyber Crime Networks through law enforcement activities and initiatives by facilitating and expanding HSI’s partnerships with foreign governments and international organizations located throughout the South Pacific. Special Agent Holloway has more than 20 years of criminal investigation & counterintelligence experience specific to national security, financial, narcotics, human trafficking, and cybercrimes investigations. He has led and successfully conducted multiple in-depth, long-term investigations involving various U.S. and international law enforcement agencies spanning several domestic and foreign jurisdictions. Luke is supported by his wife, Kristan and their three daughters; Kaelin, Kyah and Keave.


'Op Haine: Investigating the relationship between CSAM, bestiality and animal abuse'

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