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Monash University | AiLECS Lab

Kelly Humphries

Kelly is a victim survivor of Child Sexual Abuse. She is an author, speaker, advocate, coach and a Research Fellow with the AiLECS Lab (Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety) at Monash University. Kel is as an expert in child protection and trauma informed approaches bringing a multi-disciplinary focus to provide perspective, rigour and objectivity for the AiLECS research project, “Survivor Perspectives on Institutional Use of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM),” funded by the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse.
Kel has over 16 years of First Response Policing, and this, coupled with her lived experience, has enabled a very rare insight into the needs of victims and survivors throughout the investigative process. This insight has led her to speak at various conferences and work alongside Bravehearts, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the AFP led ACCCE- Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation. She regularly shares at the QPS Police Academy in the Sexual Crimes training, and advocates and shares through her podcast, “Off the Cuff with Kel- A Podcast for Survivors and those who support them.


'RAISR Project: Survivor perspectives on institutional use of child sexual abuse material'

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