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Responsible Metaverse

Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace (she/they) is a visionary Global Ethicist, Adjunct Professor, speaker, and co-author of "Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of Responsible AI." A trailblazer in AI, Metaverse, entrepreneurship, and the Psychedelic Renaissance, Catriona has founded multiple groundbreaking enterprises. Regarded as Australia's most influential woman in business by the AFR, she captivates as a "Shark" on Shark Tank Australia. Catriona's expertise spans emerging technologies, innovation, leadership, and crucially, ethical practices. An internationally sought-after commentator, she offers invaluable insights into rapidly evolving landscapes. Catriona was previously a member of the NSW Police Force.


'Checkmate Humanity: The how and why of Responsible AI & the Metaverse'

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