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Cloud Based Evidence

Navigate the challenges of cloud-based evidence collection and legal compliance'

Artificial Intelligence Augmented and Virtual Reality

'Cutting-edge technologies which will redefine our digital experiences forever'

IOT Devices

'IoT challenges cybersecurity, data privacy and exploitation of connected private devices. What policy frameworks are most suitable?'

Data Privacy

'How do effectively protect our investigative practices in an interconnected and encrypted data-driven world?'

Web3 &

'Decentralized trust, transparent transactions, smart contracts, secure data, tokenization, and inclusive dApps'

Deepfake Technology

'Deepfakes challenge Law Enforcement, posing risks to digital forensics, authentication with growing threats of identity deception'

Social Media

'How are Social Media content curation systems impacting children exposed to viral and influential content' 

Cloud Based Evidence

'Secure access, legal protocols, robust cybersecurity to safeguard our investigative processes and evidence'

The 2024 YTVC CONFERENCE will feature a range of workshops, keynote speakers, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. Be sure to register early to secure your spot at our highly anticipated gala dinner and charity auction. Our conference agenda will cover a wide range of topics relevant to our crime class, with sessions led by industry experts from across the globe. Whether you are an Investigator, NGO or a delegate from a related field, the 2024 YTVC is an event you won't want to miss.
Stay tuned for more information on the opening dates for ticketing and registration, as well as a full list of confirmed speakers and workshop topics. We can't wait to see you there!
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