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Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference 2024 – Terms and Conditions
“YTVC” – Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities“Event” – Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference 2024

All credit-card/PayPal payments are handled by the TryBooking payments gateway.
Any purchase orders/invoices or QPS internal journal payments are handled by the YTVC Planning Committee.
All payments processed through the TryBooking Gateway appear as QPSYTVC on a bank statement.

Ticket sales are subject to vetting by the Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities (YTVC) Planning Committee. If tickets are cancelled termination fees/charges may apply (see below) and are not subject to negotiation. Tickets are non-transferrable unless approved by the YTVC planning committee. Changes to ticketed attendee details can be requested by email to

Previous YTVC conferences have sold out quickly. Should you not have your attendees confirmed at the time of ticket purchase in order to secure tickets, please provide currently known details for the ticket information. Contact can be made with the YTVC Planning Committee by email: to update your ticket data accordingly.
Should you seek to change an attendee, please advise the YTVC Planning Committee by email prior to the event. If an attendee does not match the information on their ticket they may not be accepted to the event.

After completing the registration/payment process, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice and tickets. This email will be from the ‘YTVC Conference 2024’ with an email address of ‘‘. *Be sure to check your spam email if you do not receive any email from YTVC Conference 2024 in your inbox. At times, these emails may end up as spam.


Paying by Purchase Order
Purchase orders can be requested and provided should your organisation/agency require so in order to purchase tickets. Please do not purchase tickets via the online gateway. Should you require a purchase order please contact the YTVC Planning Committee via the ‘Contact Event Organiser’ button or directly email:
To obtain your requested tickets, payment from the purchase order must be received by the YTVC Planning Committee within 30 days of the order date. Should payment not be received your held tickets will be forfeit back to the ticket pool.

Queensland Police Service – Internal transfer only
Payment can be made via internal journaling via QPS Finance. Should you seek to purchase tickets via this method please contact the YTVC Planning Committee via the ‘Contact Event Organiser’ button or directly email:

Registration cancellations must be facilitated by email to Cancellations are only effective as at the date of receipt of the email.
The following schedule of cancellation fees will apply:

Cancellation/termination prior to 1st July 2024 – 100% refund less booking and Credit Card Fees ($0.50 + 2.5%)
Cancellation/termination between 2nd July 2024 and 12th August 2024 – 50% refund less booking and payment processing fees ($0.50 + 2.5%)
Cancellation/termination after 12th August 2024  – no refund.



Australia currently does not have any travel restrictions on persons entering or leaving the country with COVID-19 (,Travelling%20overseas,being%20vaccinated%20while%20travelling%20internationally).

However due to the nature of COVID-19 and is varying impact on different persons and other guests at the conference the following conditions are available.

If you are testing positive within 5 business days of the conference please notify YTVC Planning Committee via the 'Contact Event Organiser' button or directly email:

Under the credit card processing option, any credit card charge backs initiated by a buyer for any reason with respect to an event shall be charged back to the buyer. Please note fees may be associated with a charge back.

By registering for this event, participants agree that the Queensland Police Service and/or the YTVC Planning Committee do not assume any responsibility for injuries to persons or damage to property leading up to the event, during the event or after the event. Participants are advised to take out their own health, travel and personal insurance prior to the event. The policy should include loss of fees through cancellation of your participation in the event itself, loss of airfares for any reason, accommodation, medical expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered.
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