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'Project Mars'

Technology focus of Child Rescue Coalition across Peer to Peer, encrypted chat rooms, live streaming and victim focused operations. LEA only.

CRC celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year and has a unique role within the global LEA space through the provision of free software to tackle the threat. The technology has led to the arrest of over 25,000 offenders and safeguarded countless children with a footprint in over 100 countries.

• Overview of CRC technology including achievements and horizon scanning
• Developments around the new tiered approach to CPSys i.e. push style enhanced OSINT referral into countries whose demand does not necessitate full training of the system
• Nemesis update regarding increase in platform coverage and geo-tagging features as well as the potential for AI to support covert investigations
• Project MARS – live streaming technology software to identify customers/buyers of live streaming CSAM through the ability to ingest multiple layers of data from video-messaging companies and financial institutions
• Global Operation to target subjects who possess and distribute some of the most shared CSAM series through the civil courts (post criminal conviction) to reduce the impact on the victims


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Director of Impact

Phil Attwood

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