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Argos - Queensland Police Service

Adele Desirs

Adèle DESIRS in a French Police Captain who has dedicated all her career to the rescue and protection of children. She has been detached to the Argos unit within the Queensland Police Services in Australia since March 2017, as a Victim Identification Analyst. Her work consists in reviewing and analyzing all the data seized by the unit post-arrest, but also pro-actively searching the web and darknet for new child abuse material, with the aim of identifying the victims and offenders.
Since 2020, the Argos Victim Identification unit is embedded at the new federally funded Australian Center to Counter Child Exploitation facility in Brisbane, with Australian Federal Police analysts.
Prior to her role in Argos, Adèle DESIRS was a Criminal Intelligence Officer within the Crimes against Children unit at the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon, where she was mainly responsible for the Victim Identification activities, and the administration of the International Child Sexual Exploitation Database (ICSEDB).


'Green Bottle Baby investigation – The multi-agency operation to save two children from a darknet offender.'

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